5 Reasons Why Sault Ste. Marie is the Best City for Renters

The global pandemic has caused Canadians across the country to rethink their priorities. While a major urban centre such as the City of Toronto was once the it destination for young professionals and even young families, survey after survey has revealed that Canadians today want more space, better affordability, and more access to nature. For...

CPM Properties’ Guide to Tenant/Renter’s Insurance

Contrary to common belief, insurance isn’t just for those who own a home or a car. Tenant insurance—interchangeably known as renter’s insurance—exists to protect renters and their belongings against theft, liability, and damage. One of the ways in which tenant insurance differs from something like auto insurance is that it’s usually not mandatory and it...

How to Create an Apartment-Friendly Home Workspace

COVID-19 has engendered a new norm of working from home for a significant portion of the Canadian workforce. According to information released earlier this year by Statistics Canada, 32 percent of Canadian employees aged 15 to 69 worked the majority of their hours from home. That’s compared to just 4 percent in 2016. This massive...
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