Furnishing Tips for Apartment and Small-Space Dwellers

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There are many benefits to apartment living. Apartment dwellers get to enjoy amenities and a built-in sense of community, while avoiding the time-consuming repairs and maintenance tasks that are necessary to upkeep a property. And though the tradeoff can be square footage, there are plenty of ways to decorate your small space to pack a big punch.

When decorating a small space, every inch counts. Keep reading to find out how to use furniture to optimize and enhance the look, feel, and functionality of your apartment.


Scale furniture down

In some cases, furniture that’s too big can overwhelm a small space. To avoid a space that feels and looks cramped, consider investing in furniture that’s minimal and compact. For instance, opting for a love seat rather than a full sofa will give you the functionality you need, without encroaching on space. And if there are just a few people living in your unit, a dinette table can suffice as a dining table. You can take this one step further by shopping around for furniture that’s specifically designed for small-space living. 


Furnish “dead spaces”

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, make sure you are making full use of every inch by utilizing “dead spaces” or areas of the home that are commonly underused. One example of a “dead space” is corners. Rather than leaving corners empty, you can consider using a corner shelving unit or a corner desk to get the most out of an area that wouldn’t ordinarily serve a useful purpose and doesn’t get a lot of traffic.


Get creative with lighting

Lighting can completely transform a room, and fortunately, you aren’t necessarily limited to the lighting that comes already installed in your rental. If you have a smaller space or have limited access to natural lighting, a combination of freestanding floor lamps and table lamps can be used to illuminate any dark corners and brighten up your rooms. If your rental allows for wall mounting, you can consider adding things like wall sconces. If not, plug-in sconces can give a similar effect.


Invest in multi-purpose furniture

In general, furniture tends to be a pretty big investment, so pieces that serve a dual purpose are both small space- and budget-friendly. So, when shopping around for furniture, consider (a) how the piece will look in your space, and (b) if there’s a way the piece can serve an additional function. A popular feature to look for is hidden storage. A storage element can be incorporated into ottomans, bed frames, and coffee tables, amongst much more. Having that extra storage is a bonus in a small space, as it can help to mitigate clutter.


Use furniture to delineate spaces

If you’re living in an apartment with an open floor plan, you may notice that the lack of definition in the space can be overwhelming to the eye. If you’re finding this to be the case, you can position your furniture in a way that creates specific areas. For instance, “floating” your sofa in the middle of your unit can provide some visual separation from your living and dining areas. If you work from home, placing your desk parallel to a wall can help to section off that space as a home office.


Don’t shy away from unusual shapes

Many apartments today tend to be box-shaped with lots of sharp corners, so furniture can be a chance to add some softness back into your space. Things like oval mirrors, arc floor lamps, and curved back sofas will lend visual flare and keep the design of your space from looking flat or monotone.


Faux built-in storage

Built-in features, such as built-in storage, can lend a customized, upscale look and feel to your space. If you love the look of built-in storage, you can get the lookand skip the costly installby opting for a storage unit or bookcase that spans from floor to ceiling.  


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